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Merav Devere is an experienced and qualified Counsellor and supervisor in Brighton. Offering integrative counselling for individuals, couples and groups. All issues. Specialises in short term motivational counselling based on Motivational Interviewing principles. Suitable for clients who are considering changing some aspects of their behaviour/life style/attidudes/patterns and need support and help in the process.

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Consultancy Services

Team Building

The length and the specific context of any team building we offer need to be negotiated and agreed with the specific team. We can start a team building process with a two hour consultation session. The aim of the consultation session is to enable us to work together to identify the relevant issues for your team and decide on an appropriate and realistic team development plan. Alternatively we can offer a full day, which will cover and examine the following areas:

Team productivity: in order for a team to be productive each person needs to be: (1) a unique and valued individual, (2) part of a successful team. In addition the following points need to be examined and worked on:

  • Clear co-operative goals.
  • Effective communication.
  • Trusting relationships.
  • Good leadership.
  • Effective decision-making.
  • Constructive conflict management.
  • Positive use of power.
  • Encouraging diversity.

Group dynamics and process: the main purpose in group processing is to raise awareness as to what is going on in the group and reflect on and improve upon interpersonal open and honest communication. It aims to:

  • Identify patterns of communication.
  • Identify group hierarchy and members? roles.
  • Allow underlying issues and hidden agendas to surface.
  • Identify problems or issues that might hinder team performance and individuals' satisfaction.(For example, passive or active non-co-operation, uninvolvement, defensive behaviour, taking charge, isolating, and sub-grouping).
  • Identify strengths and skills.

Quality of work: Identify and examine ways of continuously assessing the quality of work. Identify and examine ways of continuously working towards team co-operation by maximising:

  • Positive interdependency
  • Face to face interaction
  • Individual accountability
  • Interpersonal and small group skills
  • Group processing

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