Certificate in staff supervision open course

Certificate in Staff Supervision 4 day course 10/11 November and 24/25 November 2016 to be held in Brighton

This certificate in staff supervision course is based on an integration of three models as they relate to staff supervision:

  • The functions model of supervision
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Solution Focused coaching

The model uses skills and concepts from these approaches to help participants develop supervision skills and attitudes that can help them:

  • Support supervisees
  • Help supervisees learn to construct solutions rather than focus on problems
  • Address staff low motivation and increase their ability to manage change
  • Identify supervisees’ development and training needs
  • Make sure professional and organisational policies and standards are adhered to and maintained.

Learning Outcomes: By the end of the course participants will be able to:

Demonstrate an understanding of the course’s overview model of supervision including:

  • Explain the purposes of supervision
  • Describe and discuss the four functions of supervision
  • Describe and discuss Solution
  • Focused supervision
  • Describe the role and qualities of a supervisor

Demonstrate developing self- awareness including:

  • Explore their own motivation and needs as both supervisees and supervisors
  • Explore the blocks to being a better supervisor, supporter and leader
  • Explore how to utilize their strengths to overcome possible blocks

Demonstrate the ability to use staff supervision skills at work including:

  • Practise using the model’s skills and strategies in role-play and real-play peer supervision situations.
  • Use the model concepts and skills to develop positive and collaborative relationship with supervisees.
  • Use the 4 functions solution focused model concepts and skills to deal with difficult situations
  • Use the model concepts and skills to deal with low motivation and manage resistance to change.
  • Explore how the 4 functions solution focused model relates to their specific agency and how they can use it at work.

The course will be assessed by:

  • Practical assessment
  • 2000 words essay

Cost: £395

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