Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention

2 days course

Mindfulness Based relapse Prevention (MBRP) integrates two rich traditions – mindfulness and relapse prevention into a promising new clinical approach. MBRP integrates practices that cultivate non-judgemental and accepting awareness with cognitive behavioural relapse prevention skills.

As in the Relapse prevention approach, the identification of high risk situations for relapse and the numerous specific and global intervention strategies to address each step of the relapse process, remains a central component of this model. The addition of mindfulness provides the opportunity and skills to observe pleasant and unpleasant thoughts, sensation or feelings and to accept them without judgement. A major element of the mindfulness training is teaching clients to direct their attention to the breath in order to focus and calm the mind.

Course aims:

  • Introduce Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention (MBRP):
    -Provide an overview of Marlatt and Gordon Cognitive behavioural model of Relapse prevention (RP)
    -Introduce basic mindfulness principles and techniques

  • Learn and practice skills and techniques to help clients:

    1. Identify, map and manage high risk situations and consequences including: unexpected situations; situations one seeks; emotional situations and stressful personal situations

    2. Identify, recognise and accept challenging emotional and physical experiences and respond to them in a skilful and mindful way.

    3. Learn mindfulness skills to foster a non-judgemental, compassionate approach towards ourselves and our experiences.

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"I learnt a lot from this training and was very pleased with myself when I used some of the techniques..."