Motivational Interviewing and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

23 - 24 July 2012

Integrating Motivational Interviewing (MI) and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

There are many reasons to consider integrating MI with CBT especially when working with clients with complex issues and psychological problems. MI addresses problems of motivation, treatment readiness, ambivalence and resistance. CBT provides a variety of strategies for change in numerous clinical problems including depression, anxiety, low self esteem, anger, low resilience and more.

By using MI we can reduce treatment dropouts and increase client’s motivation and cooperation, while using CBT will help manage and modify self defeating negative thoughts and feelings and problematic behaviour as well as set realistic goals and monitor progress.

This is an advanced course aimed at practitioners who are familiar with MI and have some knowledge of CBT to enable them to combine MI and CBT skills to maximise their interventions.

By the end of the course you can expect to:

  • Understand CBT’s and MI’s compatible elements and how they can be integrated to form one coherent therapeutic intervention.
  • Be able to identify recovery stage and motivational level and match treatment accordingly.
  • Use MI and CBT strategies and skills to build self esteem, resilience and strength.
  • Demonstrate the ability to use MI and CBT relevant skills according to clients’ needs.

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"I learnt a lot from this training and was very pleased with myself when I used some of the techniques..."